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Dinos Chapman now does music?

Apologies for the continued silence. There’s still lots of reading and thinking going on but writing efforts are being diverted elsewhere at the moment. Plans are afoot however for a transformative experience. Keep it under your hat Guv’ but you might be hearing a whole lot more of Lilly T in the near future.

In the meantime, let’s talk ‘art’. I’ve long been a fan of the YBAs – mainly because I don’t follow the art world so closely so they’ve never become old hat. I’ve seen my Hirst‘s and my Emin‘s and my Grayson Perry‘s but I’ve long regretted not going to see my Chapman‘s but now comes the next best thing – Dinos Chapman is making music.

Hosted on the Guardian website is an exclusive preview track from an upcoming album. Have a listen and then click through for more where you can read some thoughts…

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