Lillian Trotsky was born as a way to get me writing while I was working as a community radio presenter. It hasn’t really worked out like that.
Instead this blog has turned into a place to post things I want to write about that don’t fit in with whatever else it is I’m doing.

What else am I doing?
Most of this stuff was written while I was studying for an MLitt in Popular Music (Music Industries) at the University of Glasgow under Professor Martin Cloonan and Dr John Williamson. I’m interested in how music is used on a societal level, and how musical cultures develop, thrive and die. My thesis focused on the ways in which record shops have changed over the last ten years and was titles A Shallow Groove: The decline in music retail in Scotland between 2003 and 2013.

I also started working with Open Ear Music, who are Glasgow based sound designers, in January 2013. I currently run and write their blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and monthly newsletter while also maintaining and curating their music database. I have a fancy title and everything. If you’re in the retail or hospitality sector check us out – you’d be surprised what we can do.
Your Ears Are Always Open.

Finally, I’m getting into writing reviews for whoever has something interesting wanting reviewed. If you like what I’ve written, or have something good wanting reviewed then give me a shout.

Mike McDonald


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