The Knife – New Single!

I’ve gone all quite of late and for that I’m dearly sorry-ish.

But I’m back with excitement in my being. There is a new single by The Knife, it lasts a little over nine minutes and it is fucking stonkingly good! Now Heartbeats was, and still is, a fantastic song but Silent Shout is where the real gorgeousness of The Knife resides. Until now. Full of Fire, the new single, is quite frankly spectacular.

I’ve always looked on Silent Shout as oddball brilliance; it seems to home in on a certain aesthetic that demands art, while remaining great pop. This new stuff though… The closest musical sensibility I can attribute to it is that it reminds me of Captain Beefheart. Musically it’s way off. Aesthetically, corporeally, whatever, it’s howling at the moon in just as entertaining a manner.

Word is the album will be over an hour and a half long!

Give the single a go: Here!

Update: Here’s the video! Also, listening again when I haven’t just come in from a night out and I’m starting to think I was a little OTT in my praise. I’m looking forward to hearing how this fits in the shape of the album.


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