Bo Ningen – Stereo (22/10/12)

So, I’m supposed to be writing something academic and boring but I’ve lost my train of thought. That means it’s time to post up something new here.

On Monday I went to Stereo to see Bo Ningen. They’re a Japanese, four-piece founded in London and I first heard their Koroshitai Kimochi EP in 2010, and fell in love with the song of the same name. After that they released an self-titled album, which wasn’t bad and then I kind of forgot about them. Then last week I noticed they had a new album out, Line the Wall, so I gave it a spin and it was great. I knew they were playing Glasgow, so looked it up and on Monday there I was along with 20-or-so others.
That’s all very well, but why bother writing about it? Well, because I just don’t know how to describe them. The closest I could get at the time was to think of them like Melt Banana or another Japanoise-ish band trying to fill the gap between Hawkwind and Motorhead.
The problem is, this just isn’t enough to get close to accurate. Somewhere in the mix is a dollop of Can, Neu! and Faust which sort of leaves an avant-edge.

I think my favourite thing about them is they mix the classic rock of my teen years (Deep Purple, Sabbath etc) with the fan of post-punk and ‘Alternative’ that I’ve become. They are, in essence, an alternative Classic Rock band who really bring the NOISE. What staggered me was that my highlight was a ballad-type number; it was so sweet and melancholy.
Despite the mention of noise, it must be stated – these guys are TIGHT. Really tight. There is no mess with these guys.
I’d like to leave you with the image I’m left with, which is thus: the singer is gooning, one guitarist is widdling abstractly while the other conjures waves of feedback (think MBV), and the drummer is thumping and drilling a motorik beat but FAST and HEAVY.

See these guys if you get the chance.

Do watch them now:


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