Dinosaur Jr – I Bet on Sky [Out now on Jagjaguwar]

A new Dinosaur Jr. album will always have me excited. I loved the last outing, Farm, and I’ve managed to get a couple of tracks from it into semi-regular rotation on RWF. Now I Bet on Sky has been released and can be streamed for your listening pleasure HERE.

Since I’ve been missing for a while I thought I’d throw out some words in the form of pertinent thoughts. FIRST; ignore the NPR review in the click-through. This is a chilled album by Dinosaur standards IMO. Sure, it has some classic guitar wig-outs by J, but this is a pretty low-down album in comparison even to Farm. SECONDLY, I wondered when I listened to Several Shades of Why if J Mascis was using it as an out for just himself, or if it was a side-note to an upcoming Dinosaur release, and this album confirms the latter. That’s not to say this is a re-tread or anything, just that there is a certain sense of continuity between the two [and I like that]. FINALLY, I’m starting to find more of the oft-mentioned Neil Young in J’s vocals and less in his guitar playing. Y’know who I hear more and more in those supreme guitar licks? Eddie Hazel – and that’s something worth coming back for.

Go try it out.

* * * * *


I meant to do a write up on the Grimes gig at The Arches a couple weeks ago as I was incredibly excited since Visions is one of my favourite albums of the year so far. Unfortunately, the gig only lasted 45 minutes, despite Grimes having at least two solid albums worth of material. So I won’t dignify it with a proper write-up. Sorry!



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