future of the left – King Tut’s, Glasgow 11/06/2012

So future of the left, eh? Pretty fuckin’ great live as it goes. Pretty fuckin’ amazing if truth be told.

I’m not really here to review gigs and such like – I’m happier to just show my enthusiasm for the band and hope that it rubs off and you click on the associated links and then go spend money seeing the band or buying their albums because they really fucking deserve it!

So – Andy Falkous doesn’t exactly encourage heckling, but his infamous put-downs always act as incentive to someone. Last night the guy who took up the challenge wasn’t really up to it. My favourite Falco put-down I can only lumpenly paraphrase thus:

Heckler: “Welsh fuckers!”
Andrew Falkous (AF): “I’m English. He is Welsh (points to Jimmy Watkins) and he’s an extreme sexual deviant. He will come down there and fuck you and he will have orgasms in places you don’t even know about… like in the cock.”

Alongside this there was taking the piss out of Michael McIntyre, noise, trashed drums, and some astounding songs. I suppose it’s easiest if I point you in the direction of the following video since it’s a pretty similar setlist.

The above gig seems much calmer than last night though, less intense. King Tut’s is only a wee place, and I was right on the edge of the ‘pit’ and it was bouncin’. I spent the whole gig dancing [note – I’m not a fan of ramming myself into others, I do actually mean my own form of ‘dancing’] and fending off the aforementioned heckler who also appeared to be having a stupidly good time. I’ve no ill feeling for any hecklers, nor for the guy who elbowed me in the face (my jaw aches today) and I’m always glad to see folks helping the fallers when the floor gets wet and glassy. All the above are signs of a proper, high energy gig which is all you’d really expect of FOTL

Of course, it’s hard to avoid a mention of Mclusky. So I’ll say this: To Hell with Good Intentions and Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues were blindingly good, but only in as much as the whole gig was that good. They weren’t out of place because they weren’t the peak.

A special mention to Fever Fever who were the support – they’re rather grand! I’ll be checking out anything they’ve recorded as soon as I finish listening to ‘the plot against common sense’, which is the new FOTL album – OUT NOW on Xtra Mile.

If you want a quick sampler before committing to the above live recording, try the new single sheena is a t-shirt salesman.

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Andy Falkous’ highly entertaining response to the above Shite Review of the ‘plot against common sense’

A note: future of the left don’t do capital letters.


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